Why Common Household Germs Matter?

"Micro-organisms are vital to humans and the environment, but some are harmful to us. These are commonly referred to as germs. "Germ" is a catch-all term for these invisible organisms – mainly bacteria, fungi and viruses – which cause disease.

To protect you and your family from germs, hygiene experts say you should focus your cleaning efforts on germ hotspots in the home, such as cleaning cloths, sponges and chopping boards. Find out how to prevent germs from spreading.

Germs mainly enter the home on people, food and pets. Once they're in, they can spread from person to person, or from person to surface and back again (cross-contamination).

Many of these germs are caught in the home. According to a World Health Organization report in 2003, about 40% of reported food-related outbreaks of infection in Europe occur in the home." By NHS UK

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