One-stop all-round disinfection services

MOGO LAB provides one-stop comprehensive disinfection services. Our long-lasting antibacterial disinfection coating has been used and trusted by companies from all walks of life, including: hotels and hotels, hospitals and medical facilities, office buildings and commercial buildings, campuses and childcare facilities, bars and restaurants, bars and restaurants, Commercial kitchens and food manufacturing facilities, casinos and entertainment facilities, retail stores and shopping centres, stadiums and clubs, aviation and private jets, cruise ships, cars, subways and trains, etc., create a sanitary, safe and sterile environment for you and your customers.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Hotels & Hostels

With the significant turn-around in Hotels and the International nature of travellers it is essential that communal areas and rooms are protected.

Offices & Commercial Buildings

MOGO LAB has been proven to reduce absenteeism in office buildings resulting in significant cost savings and improved productivity.

Bars & Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are common places where customers gather, socialise and eat, for an extended period of time. Hygiene standards need to be ensured in order to prevent serious outbreak of infectious diseases and viruses.

Casinos & Entertainment Facilities

One of the most critical components to creating a superior customer experience is hygiene and safety. MOGO LAB helps to achieve and ensure a germ-less environment for your welcomed guests.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

MOGO Lab's long-lasting antimicrobial protection is paramount in critical hygiene environments.

School Campuses & Childcare Facilities

Childcare and campus facilities are breeding grounds for infections and contamination. Protecting the little ones keeps us all healthier. Flu, colds and Hand Food and Mouth disease will have a massive impact also to staff and family members.

Commercial Kitchens & Food Manufacturing Facilities

MOGO Lab's FDA approved formulation is completely safe to use around food. MOGO LAB is inert in its liquid state and permanently bonds to surfaces eliminating any pathogen threats during manufacturing processes.

Gyms & Clubhouses

With people constantly consuming facilities and equipments in GYMs and clubhouses alike, MOGO Lab allows consistent hygiene practices and standards.

Retail Shops & Shopping Centres

MOGO LAB is inert in its liquid state and permanently bonds to surfaces eliminating any pathogen threats across wide range of surfaces for up to 30 days, perfect for retail and showroom environments.

Cruise Liners

The risk of outbreaks threaten customer satisfaction and damage reputations. MOGO LAB provides a unique solution to the problems faced by the Cruise industry. People and surfaces need to be constantly protected.


Hire Cars, Taxis, Buses and Personal Vehicles all provide opportunities for bugs and bacteria to crossbreed and spread.

Aircraft Carriers & Private Jets

The aviation industry has a unique set of issues regarding high volumes of passengers, recirculated air and rapid movement. Sterilising surfaces helps protect passengers and provides a unique point of difference by owning hygiene.

Subway & Train Carriages

Trains provide essential transport for commuters and travellers alike. Millions of people mixing every day need protecting.