First In The World To Be >99.99% Effective Against COVID-19

MOGO Lab's Anti-Germ Protection series of disinfectants are amongst the first in the world that are tested effective against the latest COVID-19 corona virus. Our R&D and technology partner, Zoono, announced the results of independent laboratory tests undertaken against COVID-19, showing that their formulation and active ingredient used in MOGO Lab's Anti-Germ Protection series is > 99.99% effective against COVOID-19, effectively killing and eliminating the virus.

COVID-19 has become a global concern, as it has been shown to survive on surfaces for up to 9 days. MOGO Lab's formulations have been successfully tested against a variety of pathogens for up to 30 days on surfaces and 24 hours on hands.

While these formulations have been previously tested against bovine coronavirus (the nominated surrogate for MERS), this latest strain required new testing. To that end, two separate tests were completed to EN Standard 14476:2013+A2:2019. The first was against Vaccinia; sometimes referred to as the “mother ship” of double enveloped viruses (that are particularly hard to inactivate), with the subsequent test against the nominated (and globally accepted) surrogate for COVID-19, feline coronavirus.

Kills 99.99% of Germs and Protects

MOGO LAB’s Anti-Germ Protection spray is the perfect companion for your daily cleaning and travel routines. Its patented ‘Active Defence’ mechanism leverages on micro-physics of forming a layer of molecular pins on skins and surfaces, which can pierce through cell membranes to instantly kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, including COVID-19, MERS, SARS Norovirus, MRSA, EBola, E.coli and other superbugs.

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Simple Yet Effective Against COVID-19

MOGO Lab’s  "physical kill" mechanism to kill germs is a universal law of physics, which is always reliable and effective. Image piercing through an inflated balloon with a sharp needle, it will always burst. Our ‘physical kill’ mechanism replaces the need for dangerous poisons, chemicals and alcohol. This method of cell rupturing means the cell cannot mutate, preventing the development of superbugs. Besides being 99.99% effective against COVID-19, the MOGO Lab Anti-Germ Protection series has also been tested effective against MERS, SARS Norovirus, MRSA, EBola, E.coli and many others.

Surfaces Is The Root Of The Problem

It is now widely acknowledged that surfaces are a significant source of microbiological contamination, which is also considered as a major vehicle for harmful microorganisms to cause cross-infection, including the latest COVID-19. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts, besides contaminating surfaces, often form bio-films that are resistant to routine cleaning and disinfection processes. These harmful germs and micro-organisms will then be transferred by cross contamination via touching by hands or spreading in the air in the form of water droplets.

Pinpointing The Vehicle Of Contamination

Ordinary sanitisers only work when the the surface is wet, which the germ-killing effect is only instant until the disinfect dries out. Usually, within 1-2 hours, the recontamination will restore to previous levels. However, when the MOGO Lab Anti-Germ Protection liquid is applied to surfaces, it will start bonding and activating our signature ‘Active Defense’ mechanism. The layer functions as a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins, attracting and piercing through negatively charged pathogens, so to rupture cell membranes causing germ cells to break up.

Peace Of Mind

Since MOGO Lab’s Anti Germ Protection can last up to 30 days on surfaces, 24 hours on hands, and 100 washes on fabrics, it is a ground breaking method of sanitisation that will ensure a peace of mind for an extended period of time, without any worries of re-contamination. It is also proven that routine cleaning can continue without affecting MOGO Lab’s Anti-Germ Protection properties.

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